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C/C++ language training institute in Greater Noida

Purpose to join C language training institute in Greater Noida

The programming language C was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs between 1968 and 1972
for Unix systems. Ritchie derives the functionality of C from language B earlier, which is why he
chose the name. The influence of C can be seen through many of the most recent programming
languages, especially in C + +. Many of C’s benefits are because of his age and community. 
It has been around for a very long time in terms of computer programming. Almost every aspect of
the language, including stuff that was not intended by the original developers, has been explored
and clearly explained. There is a multitude of examples and reusable source code freely available on
the internet. 
This means that, with some minor modifications, almost any C program can be compiled to run on
almost any platform. It originated as the writing language of the computer system software but has
since been widely used for application software development for mobile platforms such as
Common Language
Because C/c++ programming language is so widely used and well understood, it is an excellent tool for expressing programming
ideas in a way that others can understand, no matter what language they know best. It can also be
considered the archetype of many languages ​​later. The language constructs of C, such as “if”, “for”
and “while” loops and variable types can be found in many more modern languages if the ideas
expressed in C can still be understood by program developers.
Although C is technically a high-level language, which means it disregards programming from basic
machine code, it is one of the “lowest level” programming languages ​​of the highest level.
C + + started as an extension of the C programming language, but eventually developed into a
object-oriented language. However, because it shares most of its syntax and the structure of C, it is a
simple task at the transition from C to C + +, or from C + + to C.

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